Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today was an amazing day! I had the privilege to shadow a CRNA throughout an entire shift and comprehend to a greater depth the work involved of these professionals. I began my day in the orthopedics surgery room and viewed the induction phase of various patients which undergone total knee replacement. The vast knowledge of the anesthetist, and the constant vigilance throughout the cases made me aware of the responsibilities of this profession. During induction, 20 ml of Diprivan was utilized followed by LMA placement by the anesthetist. All surgeries progressed well with constant hemodynamic control of the anesthetist. Neo was used to maintain blood pressure during most cases. I also spent part of mu day in the L&D where I was taught the differences of spinal block and epidural block as well as the technique used in both. I had tons of fun learning about this profession that some day I wish to be part of.

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