Friday, May 30, 2008

Waiting Game

Last minor CRNA application requisites were turned in today. Just in time for the deadline after tomorrow. The tedious and nerve wrecking wait is now upon me as I eagerly await a phone call, a letter, or something. I've been told that an Anesthesiologist, the director of the program and two faculty members will be conducting the interviews on June 20th and June 27th. I was happy to learn that my wait for the possible interview will not be long and that both faculty members in the committee know me well. I was also told a point system will be utilized to determine acceptance and that the interview makes up a great portion of this point system. I hope I'm at my best performance if offered an interview with them. Hopes are high, but the lingering knowledge of my short experience as a nurse takes its toll in my optimism. In the meanwhile I concentrate my efforts on these last 5 BSN classes that I'm taking during the summer. 

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