Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet another Birthday

Its official, Im 29! Last year in my 20’s is before me. Unfortunately my application into the anesthesia program did not go through due to technicalities of my application. Hence, my application wasn’t even reviewed for possible acceptance. Fortunately, I was not overly upset by this hurdle on my pursuit to graduate studies. I do recognize that another year of experience in the CVICU will proof fundamental to my success in Anesthesia school.
As always I have a lot on my plate, with 7 weeks left in my BSN program and the imminent arrival of my fiance from Brazil, I have a lot to prepare. I have decided to take time off from school in the Fall and concentrate in work and studying for the GRE. Although not necessary due to my GPA for my primary choice of Anesthesia school, I intend to apply to other schools as well next year in order to enhance my chances of getting in.
Other than that, my birthday will be spent working tonight, I screwed up my schedule and neglected to ask this day off :o(